Martial Athletes is not your typical martial arts facility. We don't just teach martial arts. We specialize in athletic development through utilizing techniques from martial arts, freestyle dance, professional athletic drills and much more.

Our mission is to build our students both mentally and physically to help prepare them for the sports and entertainment industry. We believe that everyone has hidden talents within that need to be unlocked through experienced mentors and masters of art.

Our goal is to provide our students with the tools to set their goals and develop the mindset to master their lifestyle. 



chad cannon

With over 21 years experience in training martial arts, Chad Cannon has been one of the top sport karate athletes in the world. Throughout his training Chad had traveled the world competing, teaching seminars and learning advanced skilled from some of the top martial artist in the country if not the world. From an early age Chad developed the mindset of a champion though his instruction at Texas Black Belt Karate Academy which ultimately led him to winning 5 world titles in weapons, open hand forms, point fighting and continuous sparring along with multiple state championships and inducted into the Texas karate Hall of fame. Martial arts are not the only thing that Chad has been blessed with participating in. Throughout his years of team sport he played base ball, basket ball, ran track and played collegiate football at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor from 2007-2011, during that time he obtained 4 conference championships and South West Conference All Conference defensive back of the year in 2011.


Recently Chad has earned a Karate black belt in a fusion of Kyokushin and Ashihara and also trains Muay Thai kickboxing which has given him a more solid base for his most recent stunt work. Being a martial artist and athlete Chad continues to give back to the community and looks forward to training his own students how to develop a championship mindset to fuel their dream and push them to their ultimate potential though world class training both physical and mental.


carmichael simon

With over 35 years of martial arts experience, Carmichael Simon has been one of the leading innovators of “Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Arts Ballet™”. He has been very instrumental to our sport bybeing an ambassador to the American sport martial arts system by traveling globally, performing and evangelizing the philosophies and methods to “Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Arts Ballet™”. Being a prize student and one of the last “Living Legends” taught by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee (, he was able to apply the wisdom and define the standards to sport martialarts as he defied gravity by innovating AcroKicking (’92-93) and incorporated the fusion of soft/hard style performances (’90). He was the first to land a 720 degree hook kick (’94) and Stunting Combinations-tricking/acrokicking (’95). He is a 5-Time International Forms Champion and 3-Time winner of the NASKA Triple Crown Award ( He is a member of the Jhoon Rhee Institute, Metro All Stars Karate Team, and Team John Paul Mitchell. A few of his greatest style(s) have been depicted through media as he starred as “KID Carmichael” on the FOX TV show “WMAC Master”, “LIU KANG” on the “Mortal Kombat Live Tour”, “Tommy Base” on “The Untouchables” video game series, and he was the 1st Sport Martial Arts Athlete on an “Affinity Master Card”.


 Through his personal freedom of expression, Carmichael has expanded his skills as an artist/athlete by fusing martial arts to modern day freestyle dance. He continues to perform with the world renowned hip hop dance crews “Housin’ Authority/The Architeckz who’s credentials have been leading the hip hop dance community through choreography presented through artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher Raymond, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake to name a few.  Having studied a variety of styles, he has paved a way for a generation to express themselves through XiaolinGruv (Shaolin Groove). Being a unique choreographer within the dance and martial arts arena, he continues to give back to the communities by educating and performing his style(s) throughout the Bay Area (California - Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose) and Austin, Texas. 





Rookies (ages 4-6) 

Developmental Athletes (ages 7+)


a blend of martial arts, breakdance, and gymnastics 


athletic development utilizing technology sensors 


a class designed to develop martial arts athletes to compete